Professional Construction Health And Safety Agency Services

Professional Construction Health And
Safety Agency Services

RAG Strategists assists construction project clients in complying with their absolute duties detailed in “Regulation 5: Duties of Client” of the Construction Regulations (2014), under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (No. 85 of 1993).

The Need For Pr.CHSA Services

There is a clear legal requirement in the Construction Regulations (2014) for the client to ensure that suitable health and safety arrangements are in place for managing their project and that those arrangements are maintained and reviewed throughout the project.

It is important that the client has adequate management arrangements and procedures in place for dealing with the procurement of construction work. This should include all planning, design, management or other work involved in a project from inception until the end of the construction phase and for the continuing occupation and use of the premises or structure after completion of the construction works.

Construction Health And Safety Agency Strategy

RAG Strategists provides client representation, as the legally required registered Professional Construction Health and Safety Agent, and to this end offers the gazetted services and deliverables of such an agent. This in turn provides the client with peace of mind when it comes to reducing their potential criminal and civil liability exposures on their respective construction projects.

 Our Services Include

Professional Construction Health and Safety Agency Services
Design Risk Management
Competency Assessments
Pre-Construction Health and Safety Information Packages
Development of Building OHS Files
Asbestos Surveys
Asbestos Management Plans
Full Building Fire Risk Assessments
CH&S Mediation Services
CH&S Specialist Witness
CH&S Early Neutral Evaluation


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