Business Risk Management

Business Risk Management Strategies

RAG Strategists helps businesses gain an understanding of the importance of their risk management and in particular, enterprise risk management (ERM). We offer simple and practical advice to assist companies embrace ERM in order to realise the true benefits of integrated risk management.

 The Need For Business Risk Management

In many companies, risks are being managed, but frequently in a haphazard and fragmented way. Companies loose sight of the big picture and often do not link risk management activities to their business strategies.  Many activities are restricted to a control-based or regulatory-compliance approach with individual requirements being managed too narrowly.

 A company with a fragmented or silo approach, can experience substantial write-offs and poor performance.  The challenge that most companies face is moving beyond the ERM “talking stage” and gaining an understanding of what has already been done across the different activities underway in the company and then make significant headway on the ERM journey.

 Business Risk Consultancy Strategy

RAG Strategists assists business owners and management in developing a business risk management strategy in alignment with their strategic business goals.  ERM enables business owners and management to gain an understanding of their company’s risk profile, while maintaining an appropriate balance between risk and performance.  ERM can lead to an advantage over competitors who may have a less disciplined approach to understanding their risk.

 Our Services Include

Stakeholder Risk Readiness Diagnostic and Report
Stakeholder Risk Workshops
Project Risk Assessments
Project Risk Management Plans
Project Risk Breakdown Structures
Project Risk Reduction and Mitigation Strategies
Project Risk Awareness Training
International Arbitration Services


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